Financial Information

Sanford Christian Academy endeavors to keep tuition rates reasonable. The school does not receive governmental assistance and is not endowed or supported by outside organizations.


1. Registration fee: $75 initial registration (non-refundable)
2. The tuition may be paid in FULL by September 1st with a 3% discount, or the tuition may be paid in 10 monthly payments due on the 15th of each month, with the first payment due by August 15th, and the last payment due by May 15th.
3. Tuition is paid regardless of days your child attends each month. All holidays, etc., were taken into account when the tuition rates were set.
4. Tuition is considered late after the 25th of each month. Beginning in September a late fee of $25 will be added to the account. If an account becomes more than 30 days past due, the parent will be notified that their students will not be admitted to class until the account is made current.
5. The book fee is to be paid before any books are purchased. Book fees vary according to grade. Payments may be made by cash, personal check, or money orders.
6. Any personal check returned for insufficient funds will incur a $25 charge. Two such occurrences during a school year will result in personal checks not being accepted as payment for the remainder of the school year.
7. In the event the parent withdraws his/her child from the school during the school year, 25% of the total tuition payment is due if the withdrawal occurs after the first day of school, 50% of the total tuition payment is due if the withdrawal occurs after the end of the first 9-week grading period, and 100% of the total tuition is due if the withdrawal occurs after the end of the first semester.
8. In the event of a student’s withdrawal the student’s records will not be released of transferred to another school until the account is paid in full.
9. A student may not begin a new school year if the account for the previous year has not been paid in full.


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